The Future of Detroit Public Schools

Will it be fixed?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - Lansing, MI –  Teacher sickouts.  New commissions.  Local control.  Legislative gridlock. Heartbreaking results.  Dramatic turnarounds.  Looking ahead five years, what will be the condition of the Detroit Public Schools?  The Pundit Poll asked.

In an emailed survey from April 14-15, 100 of Michigan’s political insiders and pundits looked to the future to predict the condition of the troubled, politically-charged school district.  For children born this year, on track to enter kindergarten in the Detroit Public Schools in 2021, the outlook was not optimistic.

Combined, 68 percent of the Pundit Poll’s political experts say the condition of DPS will be either the same (46 percent), worse (11 percent), or gone (10 percent).  Thirty percent said the district’s darker days are behind it and its condition will be stronger.

Not surprisingly, like much of the district’s past, opinions tended to follow partisan lines.

Over half of the Democrats polled (52 percent) thought the district’s future is brighter than its condition today, and not a single Democrat thought the district’s students would be served worse.

For Republicans, optimism has passed.  Forty-eight percent believe the district will be in the same condition in five years as it is today; 28 percent think the district will be worse off or gone all together.

The Pundit Poll is a new survey on the latest political news and issues in Michigan. The survey uses emails to collect the compiled and confidential responses from political strategists, consultants, and insiders across Michigan, with the goal of offering an insider’s look at the political issues facing the state. A full list of the nearly 100 pundits in the poll can be found at: 

This was a Resch Strategies/Denno Research survey of Michigan political experts, pundits, and members of the media. 100 respondents were invited and 82 responded. The survey was emailed Thursday, April 14 and the survey was closed Friday, April 15, 2016.